Is the iPhone in Trouble? Part 1

A look at the challenges for the iPhone, pre-iPhone 7.

common problems with iphone

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones used throughout the world. The sleek, technology-packed device provides great functionality and features. And yet with all its popularity, recently the iPhone market has seen a fall in sales. Is the iPhone in trouble? In the U.S., Android had 67.6 percent of smartphone sales for the

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A Profitable Mobile App: 5 Necessary Considerations

How to make a profitable mobile app for your business.

Creating Profitable App

Think it is easy to make a profitable mobile app? Think again. Take out your phone and count how many mobile apps you have on it. Now consider: How many of those apps did you pay for? I have about 50 apps on my phone but only paid for maybe two of them. And even

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