iPhone 7 Review: iPhone Captures the Market Again

iPhone 7 Review and iPhone 7 Plus Review

iphone 7 review

Apple just made a serious comeback. After the 6th generation of iPhones caused a noticeable dip in sales, Apple got its act together and made a highly-demanded phone. Since its launch date on September 7th in San Francisco, the iPhone 7 has become the most-wanted phone in 2016. Read our iPhone 7 review. Smartphone users

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Cordova vs PhoneGap

The difference between two closely-related frameworks

difference between phonegap and cordova

The Apache & PhoneGap Connection What is the difference between Apache Cordova and PhoneGap? Perhaps you searched that on Google only to find that there is not a clear answer. It is confusing. The two are closely linked. Understanding the past can help you wrap your mind around the current order of things. Here’s what

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Cordova: 5 Things You Should Know

Is the Cordova framework right for your mobile app project?

mobile app development framework

Every growing software developer needs to at least consider the Cordova Framework. This open-source framework helps software programmers build mobile applications using CSS3, HTML5 and JS, rather than depending on specifics platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS. It also supports development on the following platforms – iOS, Bada, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Android, and Windows

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