Estimating a MVP

How to scope out an MVP mobile app

mvp for mobile applications

Building a mobile app or web application can be a daunting task. Your clients can spend thousands of dollars on an app for their business, only to find that it doesn’t meet their needs. We have seen this happen. That is why we often recommend clients start off with projects as an MVP. However, estimating

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iPhone 7 Review: iPhone Captures the Market Again

iPhone 7 Review and iPhone 7 Plus Review

iphone 7 review

Apple just made a serious comeback. After the 6th generation of iPhones caused a noticeable dip in sales, Apple got its act together and made a highly-demanded phone. Since its launch date on September 7th in San Francisco, the iPhone 7 has become the most-wanted phone in 2016. Read our iPhone 7 review. Smartphone users

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Is the iPhone in Trouble? Part 1

A look at the challenges for the iPhone, pre-iPhone 7.

common problems with iphone

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones used throughout the world. The sleek, technology-packed device provides great functionality and features. And yet with all its popularity, recently the iPhone market has seen a fall in sales. Is the iPhone in trouble? In the U.S., Android had 67.6 percent of smartphone sales for the

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