Estimating a MVP

How to scope out an MVP mobile app

mvp for mobile applications

Building a mobile app or web application can be a daunting task. Your clients can spend thousands of dollars on an app for their business, only to find that it doesn’t meet their needs. We have seen this happen. That is why we often recommend clients start off with projects as an MVP. However, estimating

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Add Mobile Apps to Your Portfolio: 5 Routes

The benefits and drawbacks of different ways to add mobile apps to your portfolio.

Ways to add mobile apps

Almost everyone wants to get into mobile app development. It’s profitable and trendy. The payoffs can be big, mobile apps can be really beneficial, but the company must be willing to make a huge commitment to get into the mobile app arena. How can you add mobile apps to your portfolio? Recently, I talked to

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iPhone 7 Review: iPhone Captures the Market Again

iPhone 7 Review and iPhone 7 Plus Review

iphone 7 review

Apple just made a serious comeback. After the 6th generation of iPhones caused a noticeable dip in sales, Apple got its act together and made a highly-demanded phone. Since its launch date on September 7th in San Francisco, the iPhone 7 has become the most-wanted phone in 2016. Read our iPhone 7 review. Smartphone users

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Cordova vs PhoneGap

The difference between two closely-related frameworks

difference between phonegap and cordova

The Apache & PhoneGap Connection What is the difference between Apache Cordova and PhoneGap? Perhaps you searched that on Google only to find that there is not a clear answer. It is confusing. The two are closely linked. Understanding the past can help you wrap your mind around the current order of things. Here’s what

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Cordova: 5 Things You Should Know

Is the Cordova framework right for your mobile app project?

mobile app development framework

Every growing software developer needs to at least consider the Cordova Framework. This open-source framework helps software programmers build mobile applications using CSS3, HTML5 and JS, rather than depending on specifics platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS. It also supports development on the following platforms – iOS, Bada, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Android, and Windows

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Is the iPhone in Trouble? Part 1

A look at the challenges for the iPhone, pre-iPhone 7.

common problems with iphone

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones used throughout the world. The sleek, technology-packed device provides great functionality and features. And yet with all its popularity, recently the iPhone market has seen a fall in sales. Is the iPhone in trouble? In the U.S., Android had 67.6 percent of smartphone sales for the

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A Profitable Mobile App: 5 Necessary Considerations

How to make a profitable mobile app for your business.

Creating Profitable App

Think it is easy to make a profitable mobile app? Think again. Take out your phone and count how many mobile apps you have on it. Now consider: How many of those apps did you pay for? I have about 50 apps on my phone but only paid for maybe two of them. And even

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Responsive Website or Mobile App: Which is Better?

Is a Responsive Website or Mobile App best for your business?

responsive web development

Responsive website or mobile app? This it a hard question. Mobile apps are trendy. Many brands and companies benefit from having a mobile app. There are also many companies, after investing a lot of time and money into an app, realize that it doesn’t provide much ROI for them. Often a responsive website serves the

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5 Common Mobile App Development Myths

Mistakes that any business can make when developing an app.

Mobile app development myths

Software development is usually the main revenue generator for most IT organizations. However, mobile apps are steadily becoming a more integral part of the business. This rapidly-growing branch in tech business opened wide a door for creativity and technology to merge together. With this also came some preconceived ideas as to how the process works.

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Hybrid App Development with Xamarin: A Review

The pros and cons of hybrid app development with Xamarin

Hybrid App Development

As we have already discussed, there are two approaches to hybrid app development: WebView App or Compiled Hybrid App. Xamarin falls under the second category of hybrid app development. It helps you build a compiled hybrid app. With the help of Xamarin ( you can make a shared codebase in C# and build it for

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