Cordova: 5 Things You Should Know

Is the Cordova framework right for your mobile app project?

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Every growing software developer needs to at least consider the Cordova Framework. This open-source framework helps software programmers build mobile applications using CSS3, HTML5 and JS, rather than depending on specifics platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS.

It also supports development on the following platforms – iOS, Bada, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Android, and Windows Symbian. If you’re on the fence about which framework to use in expanding your software business, at least browse the pros and cons we provide further down.

Five Things to Know about the Cordova Framework

    1. Reliable and Ongoing Support
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      The Cordova Framework has a large, growing developer community composed of a group of people, who are friendly and helpful. At the same time, a very well-maintained documentation and knowledge base (KB) helps a developer get started. Cordova considers it just as important to provide support to end users as to build the product and make it available to your audience.

    2. Growing Adaptive System for Plugins
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      Apps written in JS (JavaScript) are unable to access native APIs, but Cordova development has a large number of core plugins.Since it is open source, a developer can make any feature where there is no plugin available. This provides a great opportunity to develop a personal plugin and make it available to the entire developer community.
    3. Easy Hands-on Web Technologies
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      Since Cordova apps are built using CSS3, HTML5 and JS, a developer wanting to get started in mobile app development does not need to learn a new language.Libraries and frameworks are already available to support developers, since any element designed for the web can be reused in Cordova. This enables a developer to reuse JS, jQuery and AngularJS to build on a mobile app.
    4. Cross Platform Implementation
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      One of the most beneficial factors with Cordova is its reusability in cross platform deployment. This reduces time taken to write code. Plus, there’s no need to go native.For example. if an application is being built for an iOS and Android platform, the developers don’t necessarily need to know or learn Objective-C and Java.
    5. Libraries for User Interface
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      User experience is extremely important, especially for the mobile user viewing a website. Any UI-related issues can easily be resolved by using libraries, which supply UI components for mobile applications.

Pros and Cons of Cordova

Every framework has its pros and cons. We hope this list can help you as you make a decision in choosing a mobile app framework.




Cordova uses plugins to “link” JS code to native code to the back end.  Plugins are available for every possible feature you might need during development Since developers have the opportunity to build their own plugins, the options can be numerous, but the quality lacking.
Cordova creates its own config file for tracking enabled platforms and plugins. It also provides commands such as ‘cordova run android/iOS’. There is no need to build apps using different IDEs and CL tools for each platform. To make for a positive UI/UX, you will need to check and double check how the UI/UX looks on the user end. Just because a plugin guarantees a good product, does not mean it will be quality on its own.
Native widgets can be used through an angular code base provided by Ionic framework.  This allows integration of elements like tabs, toggle buttons, and such into the web app. Since Cordova runs through a webview, performance can sometimes be slow.
It is simple to use CSS and UI elements.

Future of Cordova

Mobile app platforms that depend on Ionic, Telerik, Meteor and Tabris are very popular and have a good outlook. Unless there are new developments in the industry that come up with something comparably better and easier for the developer world, Cordova is set and ready to serve developers now and in the future.

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