iPhone 7 Review: iPhone Captures the Market Again

iPhone 7 Review and iPhone 7 Plus Review

iphone 7 review

Apple just made a serious comeback. After the 6th generation of iPhones caused a noticeable dip in sales, Apple got its act together and made a highly-demanded phone. Since its launch date on September 7th in San Francisco, the iPhone 7 has become the most-wanted phone in 2016. Read our iPhone 7 review.

Smartphone users have been expecting a lot from Apple’s iPhone 7. With high expectations from consumers, was Apple 7 really able to make the cut or will we see sales dwindle again? Another question: Should you buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?
Here’s our iPhone 7 review and what makes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus unique:


iPhone 7 Review: Phone Camera

The iPhone camera is a huge improvement from the 6. Here are the highlights:

  • 12 MP Camera
    • Helps with capturing high-resolution video up to 4K
    • Over 8 million pixels
    • Improved shots in darker settings
  • Optical Image Stabilization
    • Helps reduce blur from motion
    • Sensor allows up to 3x longer exposure compared to iPhone 6s.
  • Quad-LED True Tone Flash
    • 50 percent brighter than iPhone 6s.
  • 7 MP FaceTime HD Camera
    • Provides a new face for the selfie-addict
    • Helps with great selfies and videos
  • iPhone 7 Plus comes with two 12 MP cameras
    • Two cameras that shoot as one
    • Optical zoom at 2x
    • Digital zoom up to 10x

With the iPhone 7 camera, the movies look just like movies. When a photo or video is taken, the ISP (Image Signal Processor) powers over 100 billion operations to make images look amazing. It’s a great improvement within Apple and makes the iPhone 7 a huge hit with consumers so far.

iPhone 7 Review: Processing Power

ITH_processorThe iPhone 7 is loaded with an A10 Fusion Chip, which is the most powerful chip ever placed in a smartphone. It makes the iPhone two times faster than its predecessor. The A10 Fusion Chip enables faster, on-demand processing. It comes with the ability to use less power when applications are closed. The chip adjusts based on the accessibility of apps.

Here are highlights of the A10 Fusion chip:

  • 2x faster than iPhone 6
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Maintains better battery life
  • Enables graphics speed up to 3x faster than iPhone 6



iPhone 7 Review: Screen Size

ITH_mobile screen


Apple launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with the same sizes as in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Users were expecting the iPhone 7 with a 5-inch screen, but Apple kept the screen size the same. iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7-inch screen, while iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch screen.





iPhone 7 Review: Stereo

ITH_stereo speaker

If you are a music lover, you are going to love iPhone 7. It powers up with double stereo speakers. It delivers two times the audio output than iPhone 6s. It is great for people who want to have presentations for small groups or want to play webinars. The sound quality seems much improved – almost perfect.

Alongside the iPhone’s stereo speakers, Apple launched the AirPods. These wireless headphones offer quality, clear sound. The AirPods are a game changer in the headphone market.



iPhone 7 Review: iOS 10

ITH_iOSiOS 9.x had problems with bugs, app function and combine that with the general opinion of the iPhone 6, and Apple needed to rebound with a new software. Enter iOS 10. This new software has a modern look, and some new functions.
First off, it removed those unwanted bugs and included a few new features.
Here are some of the main features of iOS 10:

  • Proactive suggestions
  • Predictive typing
  • Personal Assistant, Siri
  • Multilingual typing

iOS 10 remembers the user’s settings and search preferences, so it provides suggestions as you type or search something. The following apps help with auto suggestions:

  • Calendar
  • Suggested Apps
  • QuickType
  • Maps
  • Photos

iOS 10 seems to help with a number of user activities and can make the iPhone 7 a great phone. Time (and user feedback) will tell if the iPhone remains a strong product.

Apple’s market shares are improving, though very slowly. Consumers are buying the phone and only time (and user feedback) will tell if the iPhone 7 remains a strong product.

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