Is the iPhone in Trouble? Part 1

A look at the challenges for the iPhone, pre-iPhone 7.

common problems with iphone

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones used throughout the world. The sleek, technology-packed device provides great functionality and features. And yet with all its popularity, recently the iPhone market has seen a fall in sales. Is the iPhone in trouble?

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In the U.S., Android had 67.6 percent of smartphone sales for the three months ending in April 2016, up from 62.4 percent one year ago. Apple’s iOS saw its market share decline from 33.2 percent to 30.7 percent in the most recent period.

Why is the market share going down? Has Apple lost touch with consumer demands? Let’s review the latest in Apple technology and see what improvements the iPhone 7 needs to boost support.

Issues with iOS
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Hardware matters a lot for smartphones, but at the same time, the software matters too. Lately, users had to deal with a strange bug with iOS 9.3 in Apple’s latest devices (Including iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus). The problem made some browsers or apps unable to open links. The app would freeze or close out when a user tried to access a link from the app. Hundreds of reports have been posted about the iOS 9.3 problem on the Apple Support forums.
iOS communities and forums began to be filled with questions about how to fix the problem. Several people reported that disabling JavaScript could fix the issue, but for many users that tip did not work. Many asked the question: Did Apple not do thorough device compatibility testing with their latest iOS updates? These repeated bugs might have pushed users to move from the iPhone, which is now reflecting on the iPhone market share in this first quarter of 2016.

Is the iPhone in trouble?

Front Camera
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Good front-facing cameras draw a crowd (for taking Selfies mostly). Since the revolution of the Selfie, phone manufacturers have focused attention on providing a good megapixel camera on the screen side of phones.
The iPhone 6 stepped out into a world of camera-conscious consumers with only a 1.2 MP front camera. Apple quickly improved with the launch of iPhone 6s by changing the front camera to a 5 MP camera.
If Apple would have thought about having a higher-resolution camera with the iPhone 6, the market share could be different today. With the growing industry of smartphones, it’s really important to satisfy user demands. A decent front camera will always attract a crowd.
Is the iPhone in trouble?

Display Size
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The average smartphone user wants the display size to be bigger since it helps to perform various operations easier. Especially when it comes to taking selfies and viewing photo albums, the display size matters.
Before the iPhone 6, the default display size was only 4 inches. Apple introduced the 4.7 inch display with the iPhone 6. Since the launch of the iPhone 6, the default display size became 4.7 inches. With iPhone 6 plus, the display increased to 5.5 inches.
Now a 5-inch display is considered perfect in the world of smartphones. Phones with bigger display sizes than 5 inches start getting into the category of Phablets.
Apple has not launched the 5-inch display size for their phone yet, and this could be one of the reasons why users are moving away from iPhones.
Is the iPhone in trouble?

Miscellaneous Problems

Apart from the common issues mentioned above, there are a number of complaints reported by several users on the Apple support forums regarding the issues on their iPhone devices. Here are a few:

  • Freeze/Hang issues during update
  • Sensor calibration issues
  • Keyboard freezing
  • Unresponsive touch screen

All of these issues are really important to smartphone users and need to be corrected. Yet they have existed with many of the current versions of iPhones (6 and 6s). Apple knows this and is working hard on improving these with their upcoming iPhone 7. (At least, we hope they are).

Android, on the other hand, has a rapidly growing market, because of the flexibility it provides its users. Due to the expanding Android market, most businesses are prioritizing development of Android apps for their consumers. With this happening, Apple has a lot of ground to cover to gain back their losses.

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